Salesforce adds another dose of AI to Sales Cloud

It will not surprise any salesperson to learn that, despite all the actions he engages on the ground in contact with his clients and prospects, he spends an average of 66% of his time on administrative tasks, according to As a result, the cloud CRM software vendor has made sales teams more productive by streamlining their work processes. Its latest features focus on simplifying access to information and collaboration. “We do not want a trade is more than 2 or 3 clicks of the information it needs in Salesforce,” explains in a note Robin Grochol, Senior Vice President responsible for Sales Cloud product management at Salesforce.

First evolution, the most relevant information for the user is served directly to him through the Inbox Now of his mobile app when he needs it, says first Robin Grochol. These are the features of artificial intelligence – in this case Einstein Insights – that are used here, as often since the introduction of Einstein Salesforce in 2016. They bring up all the necessary information in the calendar, on the event associated with the customer’s appointment: contacts, account details and the opportunities associated with the following appointment, which enables the salesperson to win time by avoiding searching manually in his old emails, says Salesforce. As for the appointment report, it is now automated using primers to retrieve the different actions and notes. Einstein Insights also tracks important events, for example, when a key person in the client account enters the negotiations.

High Velocity Sales gets stronger

Robin Grochol reports several other developments. On Campaign Insights, Einstein now finds similarities between prospects in the same marketing campaign to refine the targeting with the arguments that seem to have the most impact. In addition, the Social Intelligence module displays in Sales Cloud a feed of information from social media to stay tuned to topics of interest to customers. This tool supports Twitter, other channels will be added by the end of the year. Evolutions also relate to the application Einstein High Velocity Salesfor sales that need to quickly identify the best leads and lead the business process on a fast pace. Within this application, Sales Cadences models how to reach a new prospect and now allows you to work on more complex sales processes. As for Work Queues, which provides a list of tasks to prioritize, it can be customized according to the strategy.

Finally, to better share information between people working on the same sales cycle, Quip for Sales software will help each user easily find the latest version of a document. Sales people will also be able to create models of sales strategies that have proven effective. These models based on good practices will appear automatically as soon as a new opportunity is created.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Supercharge your team’s sales productivity at every step of the sales process with key predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation. Sales Cloud Einstein is your own data science department that learns from your team’s sales activities and CRM data and helps you identify the best leads, convert opportunities more efficiently, and retain customers with ease. Sales Cloud Einstein also includes the Sales Analytics app and Inbox.

Increase Productivity with Sales Cloud Einstein
Free up sales reps’ valuable time and increase productivity. When reps connect their email and calendar to Salesforce, Einstein Activity Capture adds email and events to related Salesforce records. And Einstein Automated Contacts finds new contact and opportunity contact roles and adds them to Salesforce. All this busy work is done automatically, so reps don’t have to.
Bring Intelligence to Your Daily Workflow with Sales Cloud Einstein
Take Einstein to the next level with intelligence that impacts daily decisions. Einstein Insights gives sales reps relevant updates and follow-up reminders to help them win more deals and nurture relationships with accounts. Einstein Scoring helps reps prioritize leads and opportunities so they can focus on what’s most likely to convert and close.
Build a Smarter Pipeline with Einstein Forecasting
Take the guesswork out of forecasting. Einstein Forecasting uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to bring more certainty and visibility to your forecasts. Improve forecasting accuracy, get forecast predictions, and track how sales teams are doing.
Understand How Sales Cloud Einstein Works
Sales Cloud Einstein might seem like magic, but it’s not. It’s built with science. Data science. Learn more about how Sales Cloud Einstein features use your data to bring intelligence to Salesforce.
Prepare for Sales Cloud Einstein
Before you set up Sales Cloud Einstein feature, review information about data requirements and other considerations. Learn about sandbox support and how to run the readiness assessor.
Set Up Sales Cloud Einstein
Use the Sales Cloud Einstein Setup Assistant to get the targeted guidance you need for setting up the Sales Cloud Einstein features you want.
Analyze Sales Cloud Einstein Data with Reporting
Use reports and dashboards to gain insight into how Sales Cloud Einstein features are working in your org.

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