5G has NOT officially started operation, 6G has started to shape

No country in the world has officially launched a 5G network, but technology engineers at the University of Oulu (Finland) have begun researching 6G networks.

According to PCMag technology site, the Finnish Academy of Sciences yesterday (April 20, 2018) announced the project fund "6Genesis" - an 8-year research program to conceptualize 6G networks under supervision. of the University of Oulu's Wireless Communications Center. Oulu - a small city in Northern Finland - is a key center for the development of 5G networks. There have been countless startups on 5G as well as many hackathon competitions related to this technology.

In the proposed report on 6Genesis, director Matti Latva-aho explained that "every 10 years a new mobile generation appears, so 6G will be put into operation around 2030 to satisfy all expectations that 5G has not yet met, as well as new technologies that will be defined at a later stage. "

The video below shows 6Genesis's pretty "magic" vision of 2037. "Intelligent Personal Edge" in the video is an AI-powered phone and cloud-based device, with projection interface, and capable of monitoring user health. Clothes can also track health. Other products have "super fast configuration" and holographic interfaces. Even water bottles are also equipped with live information display screens. Instead of cars, we have "mobile mobility services". What about cities? They have safe and convenient services provided by AI.

"Vision 2030: our society is driven by data, realized by unlimited and almost instantaneous wireless connectivity" - that's what the 6Genesis report asserts. The new wireless network will use "computing and decentralized artificial intelligence technology, as well as materials and antennas at very high frequencies," Matti said.

That means "radio-oriented studies in the direction of the THz range (TeraHertz)" and "integrated AI applications".

How 6G will overcome 5G

With the 5G standard just being finalized and the first 5G networks coming online later this year, we still don't know what the 5G effect will be on society. Verizon director Andrea Caldini pointed out at MWC last year that 4G, thanks to its extremely high upload speeds, made Snapchat popular and popular. Before that, when developing 4G technology, nobody thought of something like Snapchat.

The 6G research groups will initially focus on discovering technologies that have yet to materialize, but those technologies will contribute to the evolution of what the industry is doing with 5G right now. . For example, TeraHertz radio frequency: in order to achieve extremely high frequency and data acquisition capabilities, 5G network has pushed radio waves to GigaHertz multiple frequencies, also known as "millimeter waves". Therefore it would not be surprising if 6Genesis expected to go further.

The team will also seek to make recommendations for the enactment of rules in a world where high-speed futures and AI exist everywhere. "In addition to technological advances, there will be a wave of social change taking place by the digitization of a range of services. It will create new incentives and business models alongside rules. New telecommunications rules and regulations "- Latva-aho said.

Finland is not the only country studying 6G. In 2017, Qualcomm CTO Matt Grob admitted that it was also "thinking about 6G a bit". By this time, maybe companies like Qualcomm have focused enough on 5G and "given" to the Academy to do initial research on 6G.

The first 6Genesis conference will take place this fall, Latva-aho said.

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