ChatGPT's boss's digital currency project is considered espionage

KENYA Worldcoin, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's iris scanning project to get free cryptocurrency, is considered a "threat to the state".

According to a report from a newly formed committee of Kenyan parliamentarians, Worldcoin was placed under scrutiny and recommended that the project be discontinued due to concerns that data collection amounts to espionage. The agency also requested a criminal investigation into Tools for Humanity, Worldcoin's parent company.

A group of Kenyan lawmakers also asked Worldcoin to stop registering new users, warned about how data is stored, and raised concerns that collected biometric information could be misused. The group warns that the implementation of cryptocurrency could pose risks to the Kenyan financial system, recommending that the country's communications regulator blacklist the Worldcoin website next week and suspend its physical presence. project in this country.

Tools for Humanity representatives have not yet commented. As recorded by the Telegraph as of October 3, Worldcoin was still operating in Kenya.

Orb - iris data collection device of the Worldcoin project. Photo: Telegraph

Previously, on August 2, the Kenyan Ministry of Interior announced to stop all activities related to Worldcoin until authorities determine whether the project poses a risk to citizens or not. They also consider "how the collectors intend to use the data".

Worldcoin describes itself as a "digital identity and financial network", launched "as a response to the rise of artificial intelligence" to limit fraud and identity fraud in cyberspace. The project uses an orb for iris scanning called Orb. In return, participants receive a World ID code and 25 free WLDs, currently equivalent to 1.5 USD per coin.

When launching the project at the end of July, Sam Altman , CEO of OpenAI - the company behind ChatGPT , said that Worldcoin and the ball have appeared in dozens of cities in more than 20 countries and have issued IDs to more than two million people from around the world. 120 countries, mostly during the previous two-year testing period. Some videos appearing on social networks also show hundreds of people lining up along the streets waiting to have their iris scanned and receive free digital money.

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