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What is an API? (Application Programming Interface) is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.

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Quickly build and consume APIs in the cloud using the language of your choice
Get security support for Azure Active Directory, single sign-on, and OAuth
Bring in existing APIs written with .NET, PHP, Node.js, Java, or Python
Consume APIs on any website with CORS support
Integrate with API Management, Logic Apps, and many other Azure services
Use Swagger to generate cross-platform client SDKs in Visual Studio

Continuous integration and deployment slots
Connect your favorite version control system to your API, and automatically deploy commits, which makes code changes easier than ever. Move your API to production, run tests against a copy of your app provided by deployment slots, and then redirect traffic to the new version without downtime.

Simple authentication
Your API is just a few clicks away from being highly-secured through Azure Active Directory, social network single sign-on, or OAuth. No code changes are required, and we keep the sign-on SDKs for your services up to date.

On-premises connectivity
Connect your API to your corporate or local network using on-premises connections with enterprise-grade security. Serve APIs to your intranet as if they were running locally, or connect them to existing internal network resources.

Be future-ready
Continuous innovation from Microsoft supports your development today, and your product visions for tomorrow.

Build on your terms
With a commitment to open source, and support for all languages and frameworks, build how you want, and deploy where you want to.

Operate hybrid seamlessly
On-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge—we’ll meet you where you are. Integrate and manage your environments with services designed for hybrid cloud.

Trust your cloud
Get security from the ground up, backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance trusted by enterprises, governments, and startups.

Ready-to-go solutions to start building today

Internet of Things
Power your digital transformation, collect untapped data, and find new insights by connecting your devices, assets, and sensors

"We use Azure to host our entire infrastructure; from websites and SQL databases to different cloud services. Deploying our APIs, for example, is something that would have been more complex if we had to do it on our own or used another hosting company without these out-of-the-box services."

"The logic and decision-making behind the PowerApps solution goes much deeper than a simple "hours vs. price" calculation to gain insight. Instead, Economic Callouts rationalizes via API apps (part of Azure App Service) through 11 different internal and external data sources ... Additionally, TransAlta was able to keep their PowerApps solution secure by leveraging Azure Active Directory."

SAP on Azure
Bring cloud scale and agility to your mission-critical SAP workloads

AI Platform
Artificial intelligence productivity for every developer and every scenario

Bring together people, processes and products to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users

Build, quickly launch, and reliably scale your games across platforms, and refine based on analytics

Quickly develop and deploy distributed apps on the blockchain of your choice

Modern data warehouse
Handle exponential data growth without leaving security, scalability, or analytics behind

Big data and analytics
Make the most informed decision possible by analyzing all the data you need in real time

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