The journey to lose 45 kg of singer Adele

THANKS to discipline, perseverance and deadlifting exercises, Adele has lost 45 kg in over a year.

Adele first gained attention when she revealed her process of losing 45 kg in 2019. To date, the 34-year-old singer has not stopped sharing strategies to help her have an ideal weight and get rid of anxiety and stress. straight. Without using any "elixir" or rapid weight loss methods, Adele has maintained a healthy body for many years by continuously lifting weights and persistently exercising.

According to Vogue , during the early period of isolation because of Covid-19, Adele exercised three times a day. She lifts weights in the morning, then goes hiking and boxing in the afternoon. Adele works out with a personal trainer at the gym to maximize intensity.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, a famous American show host, Adele said she practices deadlifting. This is a compound exercise that strengthens and develops muscles. The practitioner uses a barbell, raised off the ground at hip height. Deadlifting exercises often help develop muscle groups such as the buttocks, thighs, shoulders, back, and chest. Adele started with 4.5 kg weight, then gradually increased to 77 kg and maintained at this level.

"I train like an athlete, and I love it," the Rolling In The Deep singer shared.

Adele also confirmed that all rumors that she lost weight by dieting are false. She does not intermittent fasting, does not use fast weight loss drugs. Adele eats even more than before because of the intense workouts that require additional protein and energy.

Adele in the Vogue magazine photo shoot. Photo: Vouge

Adele also does pilates. This is a moderate-intensity exercise method that aims to increase muscle mass, maintain a fit body, and improve flexibility.

Pilates movements tend to focus on the core and spread the impact on other areas of the body. Pilates can be done with or without equipment, but make sure the movements are slow and precise. The method helps to tone the core area of ​​the body, improve flexibility and increase strength.

Exercise also helped improve Adele 's mental health . For her, living a healthy lifestyle is more than just reaching a desired weight. "Whenever I'm nervous, exercise helps me relax," she says.

Previously, the owner of the hit "Hello" admitted that his anxiety stemmed from a broken marriage. After the divorce, her emotions seemed completely numb. Adele is often confused because she cannot control her body.

To overcome her negative emotions, she went to the gym and put her trust in her coach. Daily exercise gives Adele discipline, helping her fill empty schedules with quality time. Adele's goal is to become stronger both physically and mentally.

Another secret to helping Adele stay mentally healthy while losing weight is to stay positive about her body. "People used to talk about my body for 12 years. They talked about it a lot before I lost weight. But I don't care. I can be confident with any body," she said.

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