Elon Musk trains AI with tweets

Elon Musk uses user posts on Twitter to train xAI, raising privacy concerns.

During the Twitter Spaces program over the weekend, Musk talked about AI in general and the xAI company he just founded. He plans to work with Twitter and Tesla "on both the silicon front and the AI ​​software front".

With Twitter, Musk said he will use the content posted on the platform (tweet) to train "artificial intelligence products and systems that are causing maximum curiosity". However, he did not describe in detail how the data was collected and used.

Elon Musk and the xAI logo. Photo: Anadolu Agency

Musk said his actions were not unusual because "every AI organization on Earth is using Twitter data for training, most of the time without permission". However, he did not provide evidence to support his allegations.

Musk also implemented some limitations to prevent Twitter from being crawled too much. "There are days when we notice that many entities are collecting tweets, causing the system to stop working," the US billionaire said. "Therefore, we must act."

Earlier, the Twitter boss controversially introduced a limit that Twitter Blue subscribers will see up to 10,000 posts per day, unverified but long-established accounts will see 1.00 posts, while accounts Newly created can only view 500 posts.

Twitter's use of user content to train its AI has no support. According to the Telegraph , this will raise concerns about their information being illegally exploited, and question whether Musk has the right to use this data.

"We will use public, clear, and non-private tweets to train the AI," Musk replied to a privacy question.

AI companies are facing an increasing legal challenge when using text, image, and video data to train AI. Most recently, the Daily Mail is preparing to sue Google, accusing the tech giant of using hundreds of thousands of articles for the purpose of training its bots without permission.

With Tesla, Musk revealed that he is developing his own AI training chip instead of buying it from another company. "Tesla has a custom silicon chip. I wouldn't call anything Tesla is making a GPU, even though the new product could be described as a GPU or something," Musk said.

In April, Musk is said to have quietly purchased 10,000 GPUs to prepare for the process of creating super AI to confront ChatGPT, according to Business Insider . The billionaire at the time did not comment.

xAI was launched by Musk on July 12 with the goal of "understanding the true nature of the universe". According to the announcement on the website, the company gathers many leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence, having worked for large companies such as Google, Microsoft and Tesla.

"If I'm trying to understand the nature of the universe, this is really the best I can come up with from an AI safety standpoint ," Musk said. "The company will advocate a much more interesting anthropomorphic view than non-human."

Over the past time, Musk has been one of those who have concerns about AI and actively call for control of the artificial intelligence model. He signed a letter earlier this year calling on global companies and organizations to stop the super AI race for six months to jointly develop a common set of rules on AI.

Bao Lam (according to Telegraph, CNBC )

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