Musk 'laughs out tears' with AI photos of himself and Zuckerberg

Elon Musk showed interest in the AI-drawn set of photos of Mark Zuckerberg holding hands, while the challenge was of interest to the community.

On July 14, photographer Julian Van Deiken posted photos of two billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg close by the beach. Deiken says the photo is a combination of the AI ​​tools Midjourney , Insight, Adobe Firefly, Photoshop, Dazz Cam and FaceApp . In the AI ​​visualization , instead of ending the match in the ring, two billionaires happily walk hand in hand.

Musk's comments on an AI-drawn photo of him and his rival holding hands on the beach. Photo: Khuong Nha

A day later, the Sir Doge of the coin account re-posted the photo on Twitter and attracted 142 thousand likes, nearly 5 thousand comments and 17.2 thousand shares.

On July 16, Elon Musk also left a comment with a teary smiley icon and had nearly 13,000 likes. Many people think that this will be the logical end to the match between the two billionaires.

In the photo, the facial details are drawn to life, leaving viewers in awe of the AI's capabilities. However, some were quick to point out something amiss. In real life, the Facebook boss is 16 cm behind the Tesla CEO, but in the photo the two are not much different.

Basic indicators of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Graphics: Fox News

Author Julian Van Deiken said he spoke to ChatGPT about the showdown. After deeming this a pointless war, the chatbot suggests that the two billionaires can join the race to fly into space, fight in the metaverse, rent a private jet to play hide and seek around the world, wearing weirdly designed suits at tech events or a "social spam" contest to see who makes more pointless posts and comments.

Earlier, on June 21, from a joke of users on Twitter, technology billionaire Elon Musk challenged Mark Zuckerberg to an iron cage match and CEO Meta accepted. The two plan to choose Las Vegas, where the Apex Arena regularly hosts UFC matches, as the place for the fight.

Reports suggest that both Musk and Zuckerberg are serious for the match. Musk shared photos of him training with Lex Fridman, host of the Lex Fridman Podcast and a black belt in Jiu-jitsu. Martial arts legend Georges St-Pierre, a champion in two UFC weight classes (fighting MMA championship), also offered to help Musk practice and the South African-born billionaire agreed.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg regularly posts pictures of Jiu-jitsu exercises. Boss Meta, 39, is well-trained in MMA and has been praised by some of the top fighters like Conor McGregor.

UFC President Dana White is trying to turn the challenge into reality and predicts that the Musk - Zuckerberg duo can open the biggest martial arts match in history, breaking all records for ticket prices.

The battle also became more intense when on July 5, Meta launched Threads - a social network that competes directly with Twitter. Elon Musk also threatened to sue Mark Zuckerberg for saying that Threads copied the business idea.

Khuong Nha

Zuckerberg parodies Musk's comments
For the second time in a week, Mark Zuckerberg continued to "tease" Elon Musk by parodying the Twitter boss's commenting style.  15

Musk accidentally 'saved' Zuckerberg
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Threads - the source of Musk's challenge to Zuckerberg
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